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How to get over infedility in a marriage?

How to get over infedility in a marriage?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Some say you may never really “get over” infidelity, but, you can get through it. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the feelings associated with infidelity; and the insecurity and depression it causes can last years in some instances. Whether you are the unfaithful spouse or the grieving spouse, some marital therapy will be in order. The unfaithful person has things they need to work through, just as the spouse who was betrayed by the event. As a couple you’ll need to work hard to rebuild trust. Once that trust isn rebuilt, refocusing on goals for the future and moving on are next steps. A word to the wise, though – if they cheated on you once, will they do it again? If your spouse isn’t demonstrating an ability to stay committed to you, or doesn’t seem to be “all in” when it comes to therapy, communication, or commitment – this relationship is not for you.

MITCHELL Answered:

Lots and lots of prayer. God can get you through anything, and praying together with your spouse will help you both develop a humble heart and focus on God.

GREEN4 Answered:

If your spouse cannot fully get away from the person they cheated on you with (such as a employee), ask to meet with them, and tell them that you know, and that it is going to end. You may need to change jobs, or move.

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

In order to get over infidelity in a marriage, the person who did not cheat must realize their own worth, and determine if the marriage is worth saving. If it is, work together to rebuild trust.

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