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How to survive infedility after knowing my spouse's affair?

How to survive infedility after knowing my spouse's affair?

5 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Infidelity is an egregious betrayal of trust, an emotionally-charged situation, and a very personal issue for the couple involved. The person who is the victim of infidelity should take the time they need to process. No decisions should be made right away, and the spouse who was betrayed will need a counselor, and a non-judgmental friend or confidante. Lots of people will have opinions about what the person should do, they may encourage the person to leave their partner, or will make negative comments. Although their intentions are positive, the person most deeply affected by the affair must make their own decision, and have their decision respected. If choosing to stay in the marriage, both partners must make a commitment to exhibit trustworthy behavior, and to apply any strategies that are recommended by the counselor.

Lawton Answered:

Instead of allowing yourself to get dramatic, commit yourself to seeking truth and reconciliation. Decide if you can trust your spouse again, and work towards forgiveness.

Hyman4 Answered:

Unless you are able to trulty forgive your spouse, there is no moving on from infedelity. Infedelity often ends marriages, but does not always have to if both spouses are committed to reconciliation.

HILL45 Answered:

Ask if you can be nosey. Ask them to tell you the combination to their phone, so you can check their messages occasionally. Let them know that eventually, you want to trust them again.

PHILLIPS Answered:

If they are repentant, forgive them. Don't forget what they did, as you need to keep them accountable, but don't hate them and try to get revenge. It will only spiral out of control.

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