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How should I deal with emotional infedility in marriage?

How should I deal with emotional infedility in marriage?

4 Answers

Abigail Answered:

If a spouse is practicing emotional infidelity, it means he or she is having thoughts and feelings about cheating, is fantasizing about someone else, or is behaving as if they were single. Emotional infidelity can lead to actual infidelity; and it is equally painful to the person’s partner in marriage. Emotional infidelity is a sign of an underlying issue; whether that person has fallen out of love, is bored with the marriage, is no longer attracted to their partner, or has intimacy issues. It is possible to get help through therapy to address the issues on both sides, and the person displaying emotional infidelity can work through it if they want to stay in the marriage. Sometimes it is a phase a person goes through. Strategies to add spice to the marriage may help. Reminiscing your marital vows, increasing sex and varying patterns of intimacy, and making more time for each other, are some ways to increase your bond and it may resolve the problem.

TAYLOR Answered:

Sometimes there is an emotional connection that is a little too strong if one party is in the relationship. If you feel like there's flirting or something more going on, speak to your spouse about your insecurities and feelings.

Colton Answered:

Confront your spouse and ask that they remove the person they've become emotionally dependent on from their life. Seek reconciliation before matters get worse.

Marston Answered:

Emotional fidelity is as important as physical fidelity because emotional infidelity often leads to physical infedelity. Confront your spouse about this issue and take it seriously.

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