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How can a marriage survive after infedility?

How can a marriage survive after infedility?

4 Answers

Abigail Answered:

Surprisingly, many marriages actually do survive infidelity. Couples that have been married for many years, have been through thick and thin together, and are relatively mature, may have the best chance at surviving a major obstacle such as infidelity. Younger couples, those with less experience in relationships, high self confidence, and strong motivation and energy, are more likely to leave a partner who is not faithful. There is no right or wrong answer as to whether to stay with a partner who was unfaithful; the decision is very personal. The way to survive after infidelity takes dedication from both partners. It requires remorse on the part of the person who was unfaithful, and forgiveness from his or her spouse. Then, comes the rebuilding of trust. She will have to work very hard at trusting him again – starting with the belief that he is genuinely remorseful and will never do this again. From there he will have to exhibit completely honest behavior at all times – for a period of time. If this goes well, the negative feelings fade in time as she begins to trust in him again. If there is any divergence from the path, though, turmoil will result, and the relationship may never heal.

Mansfield Answered:

Yes - if the partners are able to truly forgive one another, recommit to fidelity, and work on their marriage, then marriages can survive and even become stronger after infedelity.

Marley Answered:

Yes - and many marriages do. However, chronic infedelity is likely to end a marriage. If marriage is based on commitment and trust, infedelity destroys commitment and breaks trust. It is up to each individual couple to work through their marriage problems and infedelity issues - there is no one "magic" answer to fixing this, but both individuals must be committed to the revitalization of the marriage.

Happylife Answered:

If both partners feel that the relationship can and should continue, then opening the communication to deeper concerns can help the marriage survive.

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