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How can I deal with infedility in a relationship?

Answers (6)

sarahrana said on
Recovery from infidelity is no different than any serious life challenge. Contained within the experience is both pain and opportunity.Take the chance to redefine your relationship. Get professional help if you see that you cannot cope with the situation.
happylife said on
Safely confront your partner about the infidelity. Talk about its origin, and how the relationship can be healed.
CARTER5 said on
Talk to your partner about the mistake, and determine if they're repentant or if they planning on continuing their fidelity. If it was a mistake, set boundaries, and work with them to regain trust. If they refuse to stop, you will need to leave them.
BAKER4 said on
Talk to someone you trust about it, and get advice from them. This is especially helpful if you know someone who has gone through this before, and has made it through.
LoveCoach said on
Zoey34, I work as a Relationship Expert and work with couples all the time who are dealing with rebuilding a marriage after infidelity, affairs, trust issues, etc.  I first begin with a 2 hour session where we get to the real root of the issues, break the patterns, and then begin to build the marriage bond stronger than it was before.  Obviously it will take some time to re-build the trust, but it can be done and it is more than worth the effort!  Consult my article "When Is It Time To Call It Quits" and if what it says resonates with you, contact me and we can have a discussion!  I wish for you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion! <3
Abigail said on
It is possible for marriages to survive after infidelity, dependent on certain factors, such as:

*the length of the marriage before infidelity

*the level of trust prior to infidelity

*whether there is remorse, and whether there is forgiveness

*How strong the couple is otherwise

*if the couple receives family therapy and applies trust exercises

*Ages of both partners

It takes a lot of work for a couple’s marriage to survive after infidelity, both parties will have to do the work involved.  The victim of the infidelity may not want to go on, may never trust their partner again, and may feel resentful towards him.  As such, she may not be willing to do the work involved to save the marriage. Older couples are more likely to survive infidelity, probably due to maturity and the age of the relationship, and older people tend to be less volatile emotionally and are set in their ways.  In any case, It takes a strong couple to survive after what can be a very traumatic emotional injury.
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