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How to become a marriage family counselor? Can you suggest some tips?

How to become a marriage family counselor? Can you suggest some tips?

4 Answers

Luke23 Answered:

Therapists are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree if not a master’s or doctoral degree, depending on the state and the type of professional counseling they choose to pursue. One can research the requirements for their own state to get an idea how much education is required. There is a difference between Therapists and counselors; therapists are also counselors but counselors are not always therapists. A therapist in mental health or psychology usually has at least a master’s degree. Therapists do clinical work, and have more autonomy and authority in practice.Counselors typically do not have the same education requirements, may work in public, non profit, or sliding scale facilities, and are restricted to certain areas of performance. Those pursuing the field in either capacity will need major coursework in sociology, family studies, child development, counseling psychology, or related areas; they will also be required to have accrued required clinical hours prior to practicing professionally. Clinical hours are earned by providing actual services alongside a licensed therapist, or under supervision in a special clinical setting.

JONES4 Answered:

Many universities offer programs where you can become licensed to be a family marriage counselor.

GRIFFIN Answered:

You will need a master's degree in some sort of psychology, and you will need on-the-job experience. Any additional certifcations you can get will be very helpful in getting a job as a marriage counselor.

GONZALES Answered:

Just as with any medical or mental health position, you will need a bachelors degree, a master's degree, and some clinical experience before you are able to be a counselor. Talk to a college counselor to see if they can recommend a degree program.

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