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How to end marriage counseling if the results are not positive?

How to end marriage counseling if the results are not positive?

4 Answers

Charlotte Answered:

Couples need to give their counseling the good college try before calling it quits. Therapy takes time and effort. If one or both parties are not applying the strategies offered by their therapist, the therapy will not be the least bit effective. Likewise, you must also mesh well with the counselor. If you have been in therapy for several months, are applying the prescribed strategies, but seeing no outcome, it may be time to look for a new therapist. Sometimes therapists and clients just don’t mesh well together. Let the counselor know that you plan to take a break from the sessions for now. It is okay to be honest and let him or her know that you don’t feel the therapy is providing results. Don’t worry – you will not hurt their feelings. The counselor may be able to suggest another therapist or, maybe they have some new tools for you to try. Regardless, it is your marriage therapy, the ultimate decisions are yours.

Lynden Answered:

Stubbornness to admit wrongs may keep couples from making progress in marriage counseling. A counselor cannot force a couple to get along, they can only ask thoughtful questions and hope to get the couple communicating. If a couple is unwilling to forgive and seek reconciliation, a counselor may suggest they come back when they are ready to take this step.

Lawton Answered:

If a couple is not willing to be vulnerable and honestly work through their issues, it is unlikely that marriage counseling will work for them. This happens, and the counselor should suggest that the couple returns when they are willing to be more open.

Happylife Answered:

If each person in the couple is unwilling to fully participate, they should discuss why there are issues. It may be that one party is uncomfortable with the therapist, so switching counselors may help. A trial separation may also help.

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