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Can you tell me how to do christian marriage counseling?

Can you tell me how to do christian marriage counseling?

4 Answers

Charlotte Answered:

Many churches provide pre-marital counseling for Christian couples. Ask the clergy at the church you attend if they provide pre marital counseling; most will provide it at no charge. The approaches vary according to the clergy and your particular church. Some may refer you out to a regular therapist, others do their counseling in-house. Some are stricter than others and may have a very specific process. The level in which religion is incorporated depends entirely on the church, whether they do their counseling in house, and if it specifically tailored to the Christian faith. Either way, the person providing the counseling will ask a variety of questions, and may include questionnaires or written exercises designed to help you identify and address potential issues. You can interview the contact person at each church if you’re looking around, until you find a suitable Christian program.

Luca54 Answered:

Christian counselors must accept the Bible as God's truth, and help couples apply the truths of the Bible to their marriage and everyday life.

Lawson Answered:

Christian counselors must have a degree and a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible. If you would like to find a Christian counselor, a simple internet search should lead you to a few counselors in your area. You can also visit local churches to find out if they have counseling programs. If you attend a local church with a counseling program, even better!

Happylife Answered:

Christian counselors use the Bible as the basis for their practice. They incorporate Christian values into their sessions.

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