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How can premarital counseling questions make my marriage better?

How can premarital counseling questions make my marriage better?

5 Answers

Austin Answered:

The questions are not what’s important – it’s the knowledge that comes with the answers. When you know your partner well, you are more prepared to make any necessary accommodations or adjustments – for example, he may like to eat dinner at the table every night, and you like to sit in front of the TV. You will either want to compromise, or you will start eating at the dinner table out of respect for your partner’s preference. Other questions, more serious questions, such as “what is your relationship with Christ”, may present some challenges, which you can now begin to prepare for. You might not have realized that he does not believe in baptism at infancy, whereas all of your brothers and sisters were baptized as babies. With this knowledge, you can come to agreements now, possibly saving yourselves an argument down the road. You will also be more respectful as you remember your partner’s answers to these questions when these topics arise in day to day life.

JONES4 Answered:

Issues that otherwise could have blown up and caused major issues down the road are addressed under the care of a trusted and trained professional.

MARTINEZ Answered:

It brings to light issues that might not have otherwise been discussed. This will keep things from blindsiding you later, and will provide a safe atmosphere to discuss them in.

Happywife Answered:

Premarital counseling allows couples to head off potential issues before they occur. If the couple doesn't have children, knowing if one person wants and the other does not want kids is a big deal that can be discussed before they get married.

Lauramarie Answered:

It can reveal deficiencies in the communication. It can build up trust as you will be talking frankly about your dreams, hopes and values.

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