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What can be some before marriage questions to ask to the counsellor?

What can be some before marriage questions to ask to the counsellor?

4 Answers

Austin Answered:

Especially if it is your first marriage, you will likely be nervous and have lots of topics for consideration. What are your fears, innermost thoughts and worries? Make these into questions or topics you can bring to your counselor. Examples are: Will I be able to be faithful to my partner? Will she be able to stay faithful to me? What if our feelings change? What if our goals change? What if one of us falls ill? Can I still have time and freedom to spend with friends, and on activities I enjoy? How will we keep things fresh and exciting? What if one of us grows bored? How do we avoid fights, resentment, and negativity? How will we deal with adversity? Are we strong enough to support one another through difficulty and hardship?

Lleyton Answered:

What charactaristics do most healthy marriages display? What are some of the healthiest marriages you've ever seen, and what made them so healthy? What are some red flags you see in our marriage that we need to work through?

Lane43 Answered:

What are some of the biggest issues you see in marriages today? What is some of the best tried and true advice that you've seen work for marriages? What are some healthy routines we can implement in our marriage early on that will prepare us for success in the future?

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

What is the best way to settle disputes?

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