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What are some questions to ask before marriage counselling?

What are some questions to ask before marriage counselling?

6 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

Nowadays, Marriage Counseling is very much in demand for couples who have relationship issues . You will immediately know the effectiveness of an expert's counseling unless you attend a couple of sessions . Counseling help you and your partner explore the common problems faced in relationships, and help you work through the issues with you together and let you live a peaceful life working as a strong couple happily. 

Austin Answered:

Why are we getting married? What do we want out of life? What constitutes a fulfilling marriage? Do we think we will change after marriage? How do you think I see you? Do you have a criminal record? Do you have debt? What is your health history? Are faith and spirituality important to you in marriage?

WALLACE Answered:

Does it matter what gender the counselor is? What time are we free to do it without interfering with other stuff.

REYNOLDS Answered:

Why are we doing marriage counseling? What do we hope to get out of it? Do you believe it is necessary?

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

What are you looking for in a therapist? What values does the counselor need to have in order for us to be successful?

Leilabee Answered:

It would be good to be clear about the issues that always lead to conflict in the relationship.

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