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What questions are asked in premarital counselling?

What questions are asked in premarital counselling?

5 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

If relationship counseling inspires people to resent their significant others it means the counseling doesn't happened in proper manner. Generally it happens mostly when the counselor made the counseling from one side only; he is unable to see the problem from both sides of the viewpoint. Selecting a good and effective counsellor that sees to it that both the partners are being assessed equally and fairly.

Austin Answered:

The questions that are asked relate to goals and values held individually by engaged partners. The questions measure compatibility, and deal with situational issues, conflicts, and communication. Couples are expected to lay some planning for their future through verbal agreements made in the counseling sessions. The questions range from very broad topics to very specific ones; visiting a multitude of possible areas of life. If and when to have children, attitudes toward sex, birth control or adoption may be explored; religious beliefs, gender roles, health, and finances should also be addressed.


How big of a house do you want? Are you working toward being in a place to afford that house? Do you have any credit card debt?

HappyWifeHappyLife Answered:

What is your idea of a good marriage? What couples have you seen be successful, and what makes their marriage so admirable?

Leilabee Answered:

How important is spending time together? How do you spend your time togehter? How much time do you/your parnter need to be alone? How much time does your partner/do you need to spend with friends separately and together?

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