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What are the frequently asked pre marital counseling questions for couples?

What are the frequently asked pre marital counseling questions for couples?

4 Answers

Austin Answered:

Some of the more common questions are as follows – although there are no officially recognized or standardized criteria for questions. Remember these questions can be configured and varied in a multitude of ways. Your tone, and wording of the questions are equally important. How will we pursue our career goals, and maintain working status if we decide to have children? When, and how many children would you want? What birth control method will we use when not trying for a baby? How will we manage conflict? Will we go to bed angry? What is your health history? Have you ever been hospitalized? What are your views on western medicine? If one of us needs a break from working, or becomes ill or injured, are we both willing to step up to the plate and take over that responsibility? How should household tasks be divided?

GONZALEZ Answered:

Will we have separate or a joint bank account? What kind of emotional support will you need if you are suffering? What kind of legacy do you want our relationship to leave on our family and friends?

Laidley Answered:

If you are having children, will someone stay at home as the primary caregiver? Is one of you willing to sacrifice your career for a number of years in order to provide primary care for your children?

Leilabee Answered:

What can I do to lead a happy life with my partner? How can I do my best to avoid problems?

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