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What premarital counseling questions should I ask?

What premarital counseling questions should I ask?

3 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

It is advised to write these questions and answers out, almost as if writing in a journal. Important questions to ask prior to getting married might be: What does marriage mean to me? Why do I want to get married? Of all of the people on this earth, why do I choose this person? What are my long term goals for the future? What are my short term goals? Does my partner share my goals? What are her goals? Can we accommodate and support one another? What attracted me to my partner initially? What do I believe we will accomplish together? What makes us a good team? How much alone time do I feel is warranted and appropriate when married? How much alone time does my partner need or want? How much time will we spend together? Do we share similar views on children and parenting? Is there anything I wouldn’t be willing to give up for marriage to this person? Are there any potential deal breakers?

BUTLER Answered:

Have you given any thought as to who will be the main provider of the home? Or will you both continue to work?

Leilabee Answered:

What do you expect of a marital partner in terms of emotional support during rough times, depressed times, periods of illness or job loss?

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