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What questions you should ask your boyfriend before getting married?

Answers (12)

pacothetaco said on
Ask him if he is prepared to struggle with you? Marriage is not always easy, but the ability to work through problems together can make the load more bearable.
CAMPBELL said on
Will we eat together meals together? How often? How many meals? Who is going to prepare the food? Who will clean after eating?
CARTER5 said on
Are we going to follow a healthy lifestyle? Does one of you smoke or drink? Is there intolerance towards addictions? Are we going to quit them in the future? Can we tolerate this difference?
LOPEZ5 said on
How often does our relatives visit us? How much do we socialize? Do we like to be to each other and be secluded or be very social?
ALLEN234 said on
How many children are we planning on having? Are we going to adopt instead? Are we ok with adoption? Do we have any health issues that will affect child birth?
Kingston said on
You should know your boyfriend to be a man with a good work ethic and character. If you are committing your life to someone, you must care more about their integrity than their looks.
Leighton said on
Does your boyfriend honor his commitments? Ask your boyfriend what commitment means to him, as commitment can be a difficult topic for young men.
Austin said on
You should definitely find out what debt he has, what tax benefits will you gain by marrying him?  What other benefits?  Will he be able to support you?  How will you divide up the household chores?  Does he have a criminal record?  What’s his health history? Is there anything either one of us would NOT be willing to give up for marriage? Does he have a good job, and do you think he will be a good and reliable provider?  Does he ever feel jealous or insecure? Ask your partner about his past relationships, too, is he still friends with his exes? Or are they cold and distant?- Staying friends with girls he used to date is a very good sign.  Find out things like your partner’s health history, immunizations and family illness;  find out whether he has any sort of criminal record, and ask him if there is anything he would not be willing sacrifice for the marriage.
MarilouCarasco said on
~~Are you going to eat together everyday? How often if yes? How many meals will be so? Who is cooking? Who is cleaning?
MaragaretMcgahan said on
Is fitness part of your life? Does any one of you smoke or drink? How about tolerances for these habits? Are you quitting? Can you socially drink and smoke?
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