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What questions to answer before getting married?

Answers (14)

leilabee said on
Did we wait enough time before deciding to get married?
ROBINSON said on
How are the finances going to be met and shared? How much will be contributed from salary and put into the house and how much will be kept for personal use? Considering finances is a very smart questeion before marriage.
ANDERSON said on
If one of you do not wish to work, what will be the reasons for quitting to be productive through working? Will you be working part time?
STEWART said on
Are we having different ambitions? Is one way too ambitious while the other is content? How to tackle this difference?
PEREZ4 said on
Are we happy with the love-making schedules followed? Do we have to increase the frequency? How often? Are you both comfortable with it?
MILLER said on
Are we heading down the same path? In other words, do your goals and my goals align?
JONES4 said on
Which one of us will work, or will we both work? If only one of us works, can we make enough money to support the lifestyle we want?
BROWNE said on
Do our values align in a way where we will be happy together in tough times?
Austin said on
Why are we getting married?

What does marriage mean to us?

Is our faith in God very important to both of us?

How many children will we have, and how far apart in age?

Why am I attracted to yoU?

How do you think I see you?

What do you see as being our roles in marriage?

Who has the most domestic responsibility?

Do we agree on a similar parenting style:”

Have you ever hit someone?

Have you ever been jealous?  Insecure?  About whom?  How did you deal with that?

Whats your communication style when you are frustrated?  Do you have a “short fuse?”
CletaNyland said on
~~Talk about money and how it will be shared. How much salary for the house and for individual use? How much will be saved? This is a smart pre-marriage discussion.
AntwanWhitehead said on
Who will be the bread-winner? Is one quitting? Is there part-time jobs for the other? Set these terms right beforehand.
SidneyPasley said on
Are there different goals? Is one too achieving? How is this difference met?
TomBurkholder said on
Frequency of sex? Normal or kinky sex? How wild or mild sex is required? How to fix differences in sex life?
Lee1979 said on
If you are good friends before you get married, I really don't think you need to ask questions as you should already know the answers.
​Surely if you have been together for a time you have discussed all your likes and dislikes, and done many things together. You really need to have a very strong attraction to each other and really like being close.
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