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Does marriage counseling work for couples?

Answers (15)

shinyeyes said on
If both work together in the process and commit themselves to make it work marriage counselling is a good way out of the dark.
pacothetaco said on
Marriage counseling will only work for couples if they are willing to commit to the process and be honest and open with their communication.
THOMPSON said on
Counseling helps solve problems that never surface between a couple. People inside a marriage always tolerate behaviors even though it gets really disturbing. Counseling helps bring these problems out.
GARCIA said on
Counseling gives an objective value of the problems faced. A counselor can point out without any prejudice the person who is at fault. This helps the couple fix their problems and understand their part.
MARTINEZ said on
Counseling gives hope to a relationshipo which is falling apart. A realtionship under conflict and counseling is the only hope it has to get it back to where it was.
WILSON said on
Counseling helps in understanding the couples' responsibilities towards the marriage. Conflicts occur when people become selfish and comfortable in a marriage and lets the other do all the dirty work. This is thwarted due to counseling and a counselor suggests the work to be delegated equally.
WRIGHT said on
For about 60-70% of couples, it has been something that has helped their marriage in some way.
MOOREER said on
For many couples, yes. It will not magically fix all the issues, but it will show you what needs to be worked on.
LoveCoach said on
There are many types of counseling, therapy, etc that one can look at with regard to help in their marriage.  I am a Relationship Expert and in my consulting with couples, I use a modality that allows us to find the root of the issues, break the patterns, and build a new stronger foundation for the couple to build a beautiful, loving, intimate, passionate relationship.  This is done in a matter of a few hours to possibly a few weeks (if the weekly phone calls are chosen over a live in person session).  I would be more than happy to discuss this further, if you are interested.
Christian said on
Marriage counseling can, and does work for couples; though its efficacy depends on many factors.  The level of dedication partners have to the process is most important; both must be actively applying the principals and taking the advice offered to them.   Also, the earlier a couple gets into counseling, the more likely they are to be successful. If couples have major issues like infidelity or drug abuse, if they are not “all in”, or, if they simply have muddied the waters for a very long time; their problems may be very entrenched, they may be too set in their ways, carry animosity, and in such cases it may be very difficult for them to be as successful as those couples that visit their problems early on.
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