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Can you give some tips on how to save a marriage?

Answers (19)

shinyeyes said on
Maybe you need a little time for yourself to be able to press the reset-button inside, If you manage to do that you can probably see the relationship in a different light and it will help you to build up new and positive patterns of behavior.
happywife said on
Take time to reconnect - even if you have to take a step back first.  Spending some time alone can help you figure out what you really want from the relationship and if it's salvageable.
LEWISR said on
To save a marriage, husbands and wives should take all the effort in showing the other person that they love them. This is important and if at any time the other person thinks that the love is no longer present, the marriage is dead.
SCOTT34 said on
Be hasty to forgive and forget the wrongs of the significant other and try to bond and build a relationship without arguing and being defensive. Defensiveness is an act of the ego which is not good.
SANCHEZ said on
Be cautious in having friends of the opposite sex as at some point this can very well become an affair and this can ruin any marriage. Always keep a distance and keep your spouse posted on the relationship.
COOK76 said on
Stop looking at others' married life and compare. Everyone is different and hence try to invest more time in making your married life a better one. This saves any marriage from breaking.
MCDONALD said on
Talk to each other without judgment.
ELLISRE said on
Make a list of the issues that you have with your spouse. Then next to each one, write how you respond to that issue. That will show you very quickly if you are actually communicating your issues to your spouse, or if you just are hoping he or she will pick up on your silent cues.
Christian said on
Saving a marriage can be a tough task, or an easy one; it all depends on the problems at hand and how you communicate.  Each couple is unique, and every couple faces a unique set of challenges and circumstances in marriage.  Talk with your partner; determine that you both want things to work out, and get your partner’s buy-in to put effort into saving your marriage.  Tell each other what you each plan to contribute.  Give your appearance more attention, like you did when you and your husband first dated.  Then, go on a few dates together.  Start over fresh.  When you are spending quality time together, avoid those topics that cause arguments.  Do only nice things for one another. Have sex.Compliment each other, appreciate each other.  Laugh together.   See a therapist or talk to a good family friend about differences or issues that you cannot resolve on your own.  Communicate well, often, and without blaming.
Halbert said on
Some effective ways to save a marriage are to dig deep to find the core cause, figure out the ways you aren’t communicating effectively, make sure you are still making time to have fun together and rekindle your love through common interests, and really take the time and make the effort to truly listen to your partner with unconditional regard, attention, and nonjudgment. Be sure to ask, with your full heart behind it, what she or he is truly needing from you right now and what is missing. Then work to fill those needs. It can take real desire for an action of change.
CletaNyland said on
~~This is a terrifying situation. This is where you be your 100% in showing your love to the other person. Start appreciating them and complimenting them again as you would have probably forgotten this important element of marriage.
AntwanWhitehead said on
Forgive each other. Try hard to find a way to bond with the other person if everything is failing. Stop being egoistic and defensive. You do not want to break a marriage by doing all this. You are to stick with the other person and hence strive hard for it.
SidneyPasley said on
Stop having friends who are of the opposite gender. This raises the level of doubt that comes on you. Saving a marriage is when you have to be free of blemish and hence strive very hard for it. Keep a distance with the opposite sex.
TomBurkholder said on
Avoid comparing other couples' life with yours as you cannot compare apples with oranges. Enough said!
MarieChantal said on
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Adrian Wing said on
We had marriage issue (financial) some 15 years ago. We spent a weekend talking about issue and committing to overcame the issue. It worked and saved our marriage - we became a more loving couple. 3 years ago I went into s coma for 2 years. I woke up and found a new more vibrant person. I suspect something was amiss ... she never hug or kiss me since I woke up from coma. Got PI to check on her after office activities ... she return home after midnight. PI report snd pics shown she was having an affair with my best friend. Alas, have to bite my tongue and act as if I am oblivious to her affair since my daughter will be getting married in summer. Will throw divorce papers and PI report at her a week after daughter's wedding.
Marriage Designer said on
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aaroneley01 said on
understand feeling of your wife.after that auto matucally save your marriage life.
Adrian Wing said on
I divorced her.
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