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What can I do to save my marriage?

What can I do to save my marriage?

4 Answers

Christian Answered:

Depending on what’s wrong, couples can save their marriages by vowing to eradicate negativity and by consciously appreciating their partners again. Initiating good deeds, like backrubs and sexual favors, organizing time to be together, giving gifts and putting your effort towards fun or romantic activities can bring back the spark. Reminisce together over old photographs. Go out and sing karaoke together at your local pub. Have a dinner party - all of these types of activities will force you to connect as partners. When there are disagreements, try agreeing to disagree, and refuse to argue. Pay him a compliment. Write her a poem. And most importantly, start communicating, even more than you need to. Avoid negative patterns of communication by staying positive, using I statements and speaking your truths. Get to know your partner’s love language. Go to therapy. Take a class together. By consciously making these efforts, your connection and bond will strengthen again if the both of you really want it. If you run into obstacles, rally support from friends or ask your counselor. Get someone else’s opinion if you have trouble when conflicts arise.

COLE45 Answered:

If you are both truly committed to save your marriage, then you can work together to figure out where the big problems are and decide if you need counseling to deal with them.

Happywife Answered:

Determine the issues and work together to fix whatever complications are there. Each partner must be willing to be flexible and consider the needs of the relationship over their personal desires.

Shinyeyes Answered:

The first step is to talk with your partner to localize and specifize the problems. When you both agree on saving the marriage take all the steps you can to improve the situation. Sit down at the table every day to talk for half an hour, share all of your thoughts and feeling and be honest. Express your hopes and desires and try to see your partner through loving eyes. If you notice that you cannot make it alone look for professional help.

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