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How can marriage counseling be done effectively?

How can marriage counseling be done effectively?

12 Answers

TomBurkholder Answered:

A counselor must have the ability to think from both ends of the married couple who come with the conflict. Education and experience helps as well and psychology and the interest to understand human mind will lend a stronger hand in this.

SidneyPasley Answered:

Effective counseling is when you can understand human behaviors, psychologies and when you have the ability to turn problems into solutions effectively.

AntwanWhitehead Answered:

If you are able to view a problem objectively without taking sides due to gender bias or any other bias, you should be good. With this a good education on the same and some prior experience with a master counselor will greatly help.

CletaNyland Answered:

~~The right education, passion to understanding the human mind, knowledge of psychology are all great tools to be an efficient counselor.

Andrew Answered:

Marital therapists have undergone special training that allows them to work under licensure in agencies or facilities. Their training may vary, but most have taken child development, counseling psychology, social systems, social research, gender studies, and global or cultural studies. They understand the common patterns people exhibit, and they can interpret patterns of behavior. They also know how to identify abusive behavior. A good marriage counselor is one with plenty of experience, one that is respectful and makes you feel heard, and one who, does not simply help you identify issues but introduces solid strategies to help you achieve desired results. Marital therapists should assist the couple with identifying clear goals for their treatment. Once those goals are established, the counselor should be checking in regularly to address milestones of success. If this is not happening, or the counselor does not change up strategies that don't work; you may want to try someone new. Do not give up until things start to improve.

Marden Answered:

An experienced counselor will help couples be introspective and teach them skills to work through their issues independently outside of counseling.

Kendrell Answered:

For the most effective marriage counseling, both the people should be present in each sesson and willing to work out their issues. Both people must be honest about their feelings, fears, and wishes.

WHITE43 Answered:

The couple should also be cooperative for the counseling to be effective. If the couple are ignorant over the suggestions give, there is no point in giving counseling in the first place. Respecting the counselor and having an honest attitude to fix problems is important.

MILLER Answered:

Counseling will become effective if the counselor can listen to both ends and understand it. Psychology helps here in understanding who is wrong and who is right to give proper counseling.

JONES4 Answered:

Marriage counselling can be done properly if the counselor can take the time to understand the couple and not take sides at any point. An unbiased view of the problem really helps in fixing the issue and also make the couple understand who is wrong.

LOPEZ5 Answered:

Marriage counselling can be done efficiently if the marriage counselor is proper educated for the job. The counselor should hold an educational certificate to be a counselor and this will prove him to be effective.

Happywife Answered:

Marriage counseling can be done effectively if the therapists sets boundaries and expectations from the beginning, and each of the partners decides to follow those guidelines.

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