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How can I choose the best marriage counselor?

How can I choose the best marriage counselor?

10 Answers

SidneyPasley Answered:

Get a lit of counselors in your area and check if you have any reviews for them on the internet. Filter them through it and if need be talk to them and find who is the most convincing to you and go for it.

AntwanWhitehead Answered:

The world has shrunk and finding a counselor is so easy. In addition, there are so many as well. Check with your best buddies and office people. If all else fails, use the might internet to get resolve.

CletaNyland Answered:

~~Check the internet, find reviews, ask your friends and research a lot and by the time you finish all of this, you will have at least 3 best-in-class counselors.

Andrew Answered:

Some people go with recommendations of family or friends, others look in the phone book and choose a therapist. These days, we are fortunate to have the internet, in which we can search for area therapists and find their full stats, location, payment information, and modalities of specialization. The "BEST" marital counselor is the one you get along with well, who listens well, provides good insight, and teaches you some tools along the way.

Mansfield Answered:

Choose a counselor that aligns with your religious beliefs and values. There are many different worldviews and many different opinions on how a marriage should be "run" and you want to make sure you share values with the person who counsels you.

WILSON Answered:

Make sure that the counselor you visit has a certificate and license to be a counselor. This shows that he is qualified for the job and has experience of doing couseling under a mentor for a significant amount of time.

YOUNG5 Answered:

Ask your neighbors and friends to check if they know any marriage counselor that they can trust. Your friends will give a very good contact because of the trust built.

JONES4 Answered:

Check reviews and ratings of counselors on the internet to check who is good at what they do and make sure you give them a visit.

STEWART Answered:

The internet is the best place to search for anything these days. Use this tool to search for the best counselors in your area to go for marriage counselling.

Happywife Answered:

The internet offers a large number of therapists, including their specialties and views on counseling and life. Searching through the lists may take time, but it will help narrow down the search for someone whose values align with your own.

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