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How can I benefit from marriage counseling?

How can I benefit from marriage counseling?

12 Answers

TomBurkholder Answered:

Benefits of counseling is profound: It saves your relationship from falling apart and knits you back together.

SidneyPasley Answered:

Counseling help understand you are also wrong. It points out justice to you. It solves conflicts by objective reasoning and psychology.

AntwanWhitehead Answered:

The ability to get a bird's view of the problem is great and this is exactly what counseling does for you. It addresses problems and makes you understand.

CletaNyland Answered:

~~Counseling benefits you by making you understand a third person's view of the problem. Helps you understand who is wrong and what needs to be done on it.

Andrew Answered:

Marital therapists have specific training in the field; they know what problems married couples face, they know what the laws and stats are, they understand family roles, and can help you make difficult decisions, such as whether to leave after infidelity. Some marital therapists holding Master’s or doctoral degrees, practice cognitive behavioral therapy, rapid eye desensitization, hypnosis, guided visualization, or brain spotting. These are brain/body exercises that have been proven to effectively reduce anxiety, keep you grounded and balanced, clear your mind, and reduce stress. Just the act of Talking to a counselor is beneficial, more than likely you'll feel relieved to get things off your chest. If you want to repair your marriage, you should take stock of the benefits to your relationship after a few months of counseling.

Maitland Answered:

Marriage counseling can give you helpful tips and tools to work on your marriage throughout your life even after the counseling sessions are over. Building up this "toolkit" for working through conflict is so helpful for any relationship - especially one as important as marriage!

Keaton Answered:

Marrige counseling can help you better understand yourself and your partner. A third party can help uncover individual issues you didn't even know you had, as well as issues that may arise throughout your marrige. A counselor with experience in counseling married couples may be able to anticipate and address possible future issues.

HILL45 Answered:

This is your best bet of venting all your anger in the safest way possible. This helps de-stress yourself and lowers your frustration levels because of the gliche in the relationship and this venting also gives birth to the solution to the problem.

TORRES Answered:

You understand that you are responsible for your actions. Blame game will not work in counseling and that is a good thing because it helps solve problems that has been prevalent and killing the relationship.

BROWNE Answered:

You can benefit from counselling because it gives you an objective view of the problem. This helps realize who is going wrong and where exactly this is happening. This helps addressing the problems easier.

BAKER4 Answered:

As a person who is going through a problematic relationship, marriage counselling will help address the situation. Problems can go unnoticed and suppressed and this is a common problem. Counseling addresses and fixes this.

Happywife Answered:

Marriage counseling can help you figure out your priorities and issues personally, and it gives you insight to the feelings of your partner.

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