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I am not in love anymore

My husband is a great man; we have been together for 7 years almost.
We don't have a child but this was our decision- one we took mutually.
We are happy together but since the last few years, I'm not exactly in love with him anymore.
He is an amazing husband, very caring and genuine, we are great friends and i would hate to lose him.
Im sure that any dissatisfaction i have is my own problem; it's not his fault at all.
but i don't know why i feel this way or what element is missing .
should i leave him or just carry on living the same way with him?

4 Answers

Godessisara Answered:

Try some courtship rituals. Take ten minutes each day to sit on the couch and hold his hand and listen to him; let him listen to you. Really listen. Just ten minutes. Offer to run a bath, or rub his back, or do something that surprises him. Little things. Try to remember the things he's done or said to you in the past which melted your heart or made you feel closer to him. Remind him of those things. In doing so you mauy find that you rekindle feelings in yourself. Your heart chakra needs a little work. Find ways to feel loving about everyone around you. Ask people that he knows to tell you things about him that they love. Find something new to learn or do together. Ask him to do something that you'd really like and return the favor by doing the same for him. Share each other's interests and find new mutual interests. Court each other. Marriage is a wave. It goes up and down. Lots of times if you wait this out it will pass and you'll suddenly find yourself feeling the same. Kissing is also a good way to fall back in love. Enzymes in the mouth create the bonding. :)

Graham Answered:

You should be open about this thing with your husband. Well, he might still be in love with you and if you are hiding such a big matter from him, you would be hurting him in future. Reflect at your past and decide whether you still want him or not! It is going to be your decision and no one should influence it. It happens that after some time the love loses its spark. You may try to shine it back or loose it forever. But the decision has to be made and with a cogent and emphatic mind.

Patrick_kei Answered:

i say, make it work . you agree that he's a great man - and believe me there are v few great men out there - what exactly is your problem? chronic dissatisfaction.? i mean, come on....figure this out, you are married after all. give it a chance, i know love cannot be induced. but it deserves another attempt- you married him , he's still ur man.

Family_forever Answered:

If there’s no love then why waste your and his time. Move on.

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