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Can you suggest me ways on how to become a marriage counselor?

Answers (12)

shinyeyes said on
Couples counselors are trained and licensed professionals who specialize in couples therapy. Many of them also have an academic background and training in family therapy.
heybabe said on
Most universities have programs in counseling, and you can specialize in family and marital counseling. States require licensure for these jobs.
EVANS5 said on
It is very important to obtain a bachelor's degree to even think about becoming a counselor. Without a bachelor's degree the course for being a counselor will not be offered
ANDERSON said on
To become a marriage counselor, you need to obtain a masters in counseling. There are multiple educational institutions that offer them. Find the best one and go get the degree to get started.
MURPHY said on
Obtaining a license for being a counselor legalizes your designation and you can officially declare yourself worthy of being a counselor. There are exams that are to be appeared for and there is a certain amount of passing score set for it which needs to be completed.
PETERSON said on
You need to work under a counselor for a specific number of hours and get certified first before becoming a counselor independently. Find a counselor that you admire so that this will be easy.
BUTLER said on
You will need to have at least a master's degree in some sort of Psychology, and then get some on-the-job training.
Andrew said on
A great way to gain experience counseling others is by volunteering in nonprofit organizations, such as womenspace or any other agency, you can answer crisis lines or act as a mentor or listener on one of the many social sites or apps that provide free counseling services.  You will need to take some college courses in social work, counseling psychology, and diversity, too.  Most states will require that you earn at least a bachelor’s degree prior to working professionally, in many states you must have a master’s or higher.  You will want to focus your study on issues that affect marriages, learn about divorce, family,  and best practice communication for couples.
CletaNyland said on
~~If you are planning to becoming a counselor, then study for it by getting a degree for it. Without this, becoming a counselor is impossible.
AntwanWhitehead said on
Having a masters in counseling almost is becoming mandatory to be in this field. People are smarter looking for educated people to intervene. There are so many institutions that offer these courses and finding a reputed one will help.
SidneyPasley said on
Have a designation with all the legal authority supporting you for it. Counseling is not just a bored person talking to people but a well educated man trying to solve problems that might otherwise break a marriage. Get a license, study for it and learn from someone to become good at it.
TomBurkholder said on
There are so many counselors out there. Find one you like and become an assistant. This helps in building confidence and experience to become a good counselor. This is very important for a good counselor.
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