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Can you tell some tips on how start a marriage counseling business?

Answers (12)

heybabe said on
Often times, churches have programs set up where experienced couples can lead groups of married couples.  This would be a good starting point while working on obtaining professional licensure.
WILSON said on
Choose the stream that you want to master. There are so many types of therapy and types of counseling like CBT, Integrative et al. Knowing which one you want to start your business with will show what education to pursue for it.
MITCHELL said on
Study the psychology of counseling to become a counselor. You are about to deal with two humans who have a hard time understanding each other. Study so that you can understand their misunderstandings.
DAVIS3 said on
Be Passionate: If you want to become a marriage counselor, you need to be passionate about doing it. You cannot solve a problem if you are not willing to passionately analyze it and understand it. Counseling is not forumlas and theories. It is understanding human behavior and working out solutions to real life problems.
GARCIA said on
Get a license by being a counselor under the wing of someone who is an experienced person. Once you gain the experience and the exposure to be a counselor, you are all set to change the hearts of others.
Joshua54 said on
The first step to starting a marriage counseling business is to obtain a profesional degree that allows you to obtain licensure. Universities offer graduate programs in counseling, but not all counseling programs are programs that help you get your license. Be sure you do your reasearch before applying to counseling programs.
Lynden said on
Once you have a counseling degree, work as an intern or apprentice for a successful marriage counselor to learn about their practice. You must have a certain number of observed hours as a counselor before you can obtain your license or practice as a counselor on your own.
Jeremiah said on
In order to have a private practice as a marriage counselor, most states require at least a master’s if not a doctoral degree in counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, or some other related field of study.  To obtain this, a person pursues education in an accredited university or institution, and must have the required clinical hours to practice professionally.  The most important thing will be years of study and clinical practice working with couples and learning about marriage and family.
CletaNyland said on
Education is such an important thing today and hence studying how to counsel people with a little bit of psychology will greatly help. We are dealing with people here and how to manage them should be learned effectively.
AntwanWhitehead said on
Studying to be a counselor is important. There are so many streams in this and this should be chosen according to what interests you. There are different types in this like integrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and many others. This study will decide what kind of couseling you will  be doing.
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