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Can you tell me how to fix a marriage without counseling?

Answers (14)

shinyeyes said on
You will only be able to fix it if both of you posess a lot of strength, the knowledge and the will to go on
barnowl said on
By replacing negative patterns of behavior by positive ones and by sticking together.
heybabe said on
Marriages can certainly be fixed without counseling. Sometimes evaluating each other's love languages helps people understand each other a little better.
To fix a problem in a marriage without counselling, one or both must be ready to sit and talk over the problems they have and constructively address the conflict. All it requires to fix the problem is to talk about the likes and dislikes and come to a consensus.
MURPHY said on
Listen: While trying to fix a problem without counseling always remember to listen to the other person's feeling and never interrupt or argue over accusations. This is a bad way to handle the problem and only makes it worse.
GARCIA said on
Empathize: Nothing says love better than being able to empathize even if the other person is wrong. Understand that they feel hurt or upset because they feel a certain way and acknowledging that is a great deal for the other person. Understand and agree to what they are saying and try to get around the problem through some means.
CARTER5 said on
Express the intentions at first. You both are getting together not to talk about differences, argue and end up fighting over it. The purpose of the conversation is to try and fix the problems that are being suppresed to have a better relationship that is stronger. Have that specified and try to get things sorted.
KIM543 said on
In some cases, this is not possible. But if you do not want official counseling, talk to people you trust and listen to the advice they give you.
REYNOLDS said on
There are a lot of couples' discussion books out there now. If you are both committed to working through your issues, go to your local bookstore and pick one up and work through it together.
Jeremiah said on
Some marital problems can be resolved without counseling, but attempts to avoid counseling are also avoiding addressing the problem.  Being able to solve problems on your own also depends on the type problem. how well you communicate, and how willing you and your partner are to work at making changes without support.   If the buy-in isn't there to start with, it is unlikely much will change.  The approach you will take depends on the issues at hand.  Reading self help books,learning communication skills, and reading relationships literature may give you some tools to use on your own.  Just be sure you are keeping your partner in the loop. Fixing a marriage takes work from both parties; so be accountable and hold your partner accountable too.
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