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How can marriage counseling help newleyweds?

How can marriage counseling help newleyweds?

4 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Newlyweds are actually more likely to be successful in their marriages if they see a counselor. Whether they have problems now or not, disagreements are likely to surface at one time or another. By identifying these potential areas now, newlyweds can prepare themselves, become educated, and take on tools to help them improve communication, create life plans, negotiate differences, and address issues as they arise. Taking this ultimately proactive approach is a smart idea; and it demonstrates their seriousness towards their commitment to one another.

Luca54 Answered:

Marriage involves lots of transition, and newlyweds may want to seek counseling as they work to merge their life, finances, and dreams with another person. Counseling is never a bad idea!

Johnson Answered:

Missed expectations are one large issue in marriages, and helping set and manage expectations for newlyweds is a great effect of marriage counseling. Learn how your spouse experiences rest and how they like to have fun, and be sure that your expectations aren't opposite.

Whiterabbit Answered:

Marriage counseling can help newlyweds to stick to their positive habits, to motivate them for their common future and to make them strong for hard times by showing them common traps of marriage.

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