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How often does marriage counseling work?

How often does marriage counseling work?

6 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Marriage counseling is most effective in cases where there are not major issues such as abuse, infidelity or drug related issues. Even so, counseling can be effective in these situations, sometimes. Those with these extreme issues are less likely to agree to counseling, to admit to their problems, and they have deeper personal issues to work through. Many people in non-abusive marriages find that problems they faced in marriage were relatively minor, at least at the outset. But the longer these couples allowed negative feelings to fester, the more bitter and resentful they were over time. Being consistent, following the counselor's advice, and addressing issues at the earliest convenience, are the key factors that increase success. You and your partner must also be fully dedicated to the process. The deeper the problems run, the longer counseling may go on. This is not a bad thing however, as long as you are both dedicated. For marriages with relatively minor issues, such as disagreements, communication failures, hostility, depression, selfishness, jealousy,neediness, and the like - are issues that can be resolved very effectively in counsel

GONZALES Answered:

If both parties are willing to openly discuss the issues, marriage counseling has a very high success rate. If one party is being forced into it, the success rate drops significantly.

Counseling even helps both individuals to focus on their short-comings and work towards self-improvement. Here are 4 benefits of marriage counseling.

LoveCoach Answered:

The first question I always ask couples or even one partner when they come to me is what is the issue that is leading you to seek help? I am a Relationship Expert and in my consulting, I get to the root of any issues through techniques in Strategic Intervention. Instead of spending weeks or months talking about issues from the past or even current issues, we, in a short 2 hour session, get to the root of the issues, break the patterns, and build new bridges for the couple to enjoy their marital life together including trust, intimacy, passion, and increased love and understanding. I would love to have a conversation with you about this strategy, if you would like.


Because people are so unique, and every situation is different, the success rate for marriage counseling is variable. More than half of couples surveyed said that marriage counseling had some positive effect on their marriage.

Heybabe Answered:

Marital counseling is most successful when the couple seeks help before issues become too deep. Many researchers point out that around 40% of those who go into counseling eventually divorce.

Shinyeyes Answered:

In a study from 2014 the "Journal of Marital and Family Therapy" reports that marriage counseling helps seven out of ten couples find great satisfaction in their marriage. However, not all research is that optimistic.

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