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How should couples seek marriage counseling?

How should couples seek marriage counseling?

4 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

One way a couple might go about seeking marriage counseling is to talk to close friends or family members they trust, or their family doctor or any crisis worker, for referrals. You may also look in the yellow pages, inquire of your insurance provider, or search your area online. Most counselors have information on their agency’s website; or you can call the agency to ask questions. You’ll want to know whether counseling is covered by insurance, how much insurance pays, and what specialties your counselor has. You may prefer to see a ph.d or psychotherapist versus someone with only a bachelor’s degree. You may be interested in help for specific problems, such as anxiety or anger management. Identifying some of the issues can guide you to the answers you need in order to choose the right therapist or agency.

Lleyton Answered:

Internet research or referrals by friends are a great way to find a good counselor or support group. If you have any friends who are currently in counseling or have been in counseling in the past, talk to them about the pros and cons of counselors they've used in the past. They are likely to have good contacts.

Emily Rodes Answered:

If they are part of a church that offers counseling, this is a great place to start. If not, word of mouth referrals or internet research would be a good first step. Read up as much as you can about counseling firms in your area, and read testimonials or reviews if you can.

After they decide that counseling is a good option, the couple should use the internet to research therapists who might fit their needs.

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