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Does asking marriage counselling questions strengthen your relationship?

Answers (13)

pacothetaco said on
The more you know about the person you're with, the better you can understand their reactions in different situations. This can help temper conflicts.
EVANS5 said on
Marriage counselling helps strengthen the relationship by letting the couple vent their feelings and constructively use it to fix problems that were supressed. This avoids a huge fight in the future that might destroy the relationship.
ROBERTS said on
Counseling helps in understand how each other value the relationship in reality. Couples might often hide the fact that they hate things the way their married life is going and having a counselor addresses that concern and fixes it.
COOK76 said on
It helps by giving an objective view of the problem being faced by the couple. An unbiased view will prove to be very useful to help the couple understand who is going wrong and make them correct it.
FLORES said on
It changes the perspective of how couples understand their relationship. It sheds light into the life and makes them understand where they are going wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing this so that a relationship can get better. Counseling thus help couples go from hate to love once again.
Hutchinson said on
Yes - deep conversation strengthens any relationship as we better understand each other and the motivations behind our actions. My husband and I have a list of questions that we ask each other every time we are on a roadtrip together. It is a great time to talk through issues or pick each others' brain!
Lawton said on
Yes - thoughtful questions are one way that spouses can show their care and concern for one another. Your spouse is always changing, and it is important that you are in tune with their changing thoughts and feelings.
Jeremiah said on
*Asking the right kind of questions can enhance the bond between you.  Marital counseling involves discussion of your deepest feelings, thoughts, opinions, memories, and goals, many of which you are going to share for the rest of your lives.The kind of questions you should ask should be relevant to the types of decisions you will make together in the future.  If using a marital counselor, he or she will ask you questions that are deep and thought-provoking. As you and your partner answer them, the process will most certainly develop a stronger bond between you.
Amy-Kate said on
It doesn’t always work to strengthen the relationship. Sometimes it helps couples to see that there is no future for them. I would recommend couple therapy before marriage, to see if you are compatible and can work out problems before they become huge obstacles and create deep unhappiness. Couples counselling usually involves the issues of money, raising children in-laws or infidelity, as those are the main issues facing marriages.
VannessaSharma said on
Taking counseling really helps because it makes the couple talk about things that they have never talked about. Enriching the understanding of each other is what happens here. This greatly helps in fixing problems faster instead of making it worse.
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