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What are some marital counseling questions to ask?

Answers (13)

whiterabbit said on
How can we avoid desillusion? How can we build up trust? How can we learn to accept the partner in every aspect?
TURNER said on
One important question is what is the main problem? Understanding the main reason why conflicts arise will help cut the problem from its root and help solving it quicker.
EDWARDS said on
How truly do you feel about the relationship? Couples might often hide the fact that they are having a bad time in a relationship and talking this out will help fix problems.
PARKER said on
How much trust do you have on him/her? Is there a way to gain it back if lost? This is a crucial question that determines the strength of a relationship and helps making the bond better again.
LEWISR said on
Are you happy with the level of intimacy shared? Do you have a higher sex drive than the other? Are there any concerns in the level of intimacy shared and how can it be addressed to make things better? These questions are important to check the overall intimacy as sex is a very important factor of every marriage.
Anthony said on
How have you intentionally set aside time for your spouse this week? What have you done to make them feel loved and cared for? Have you said anything you regret? Is there anything you should have said that you haven't voiced? Don't let time pass without taking real time to consider you spouse and how you are making them feel.
Muhammad said on
How have you communicated your love and affection for your spouse this week? Have you considered how you may love your spouse based on their love languages? Have you felt loved by your spouse this week?
Vivian said on
​What are our main issues? How do you really feel about our relationship at this point?
Jeremiah said on
Depending on your relationship, you should try and identify some goals for the future, and outline any concern, or areas of disparity in your goals or beliefs.  Since communication is the one area which all marriages can improve upon, you may want to ask the counselor to help you identify weak areas in your relationship communication, and they can also help you learn some tools to overcome any issues or points of contention, now or in the future.
VannessaSharma said on
What is the primary source conflict? This helps get a gist of the problem and where it is going towards and helps fix it faster.
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