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How does marriage counselling help me in the long run?

Answers (13)

purplerain said on
it helps you to establish a better way to communicate, to treat eeach other, to love each other more deeply and to be aware of the traps which can make you fall back into old patterns of behavior. Usually we learn to deal with conflicts from our parents. If did a bad job we tend to do the same. A therapy makes you become aware of all that so you will establish the will to break out of destructive habits.
twocatsonedog22 said on
Marriage counseling provides a foundation for open communication and coping mechanisms when things go astray.
WHITE43 said on
Marriage counselling will help talk about problems that were kept away from discussions. It helps address conflicts constructively and help solve them so that love can be without any problems
WALKER said on
The advice from a marriage counselor is not biased. This means you get proper advice that will help you as couples to fix each other's problems and understand who is going wrong where.
YOUNG5 said on
It helps see the relationship from a different perspective. When a marriage counselor views the problem, the couple get an objective opinion on the conflict which allows them to properly examine the issue and fix it and also understand the relationship better.
HARRIS said on
You get time to vent out feelings that were locked and supressed for days, weeks or even months. This outlet of emotions is done constructively and in a safe environment which helps fix problems and not make it worse.
Christian said on
Marriage counseling helps bring to the surface issues that may be underlying that could cause problems later in life. It is better to dig up issues immediately rather than letting them fester and eventually boil over. Learning these conflict resolution skills early on will help the oveall health of your marriage for years to come!
Colton said on
Marriage counseling prevents couples from dismissing issues that need to be worked through, and provides a safe and healthy environment for working through these issues. This will benefit any relationship in the long run.
Jeremiah said on
Many marriages actually fail, due to minor issues that don’t ever get addressed, aren’t worked on, and just get biggerover time. People can become bitter and lose their drive to want to focus on, or repair issues.  Marital counseling can provide you with communication tools, and everyday goals to keep your relationship healthy while things are still going well. People do not realize on a conscious level that they have stopped working on their relationships, or do not work as hard as they once did.  Taking a practical approach and garnering the tools while things are going well, is almost like insurance for your relationship down the road.
TieshaKahan said on
It is not always easy for people to discuss the problems of marriage. The best way to do is with the help of a counselor. A counselor is a third person's opinion on a problem and this is not wrong at all. It helps maintain resolve and increase love without much hassle.
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