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How can I improve my relationship with my emotionally abusive wife?

How can I improve my relationship with my emotionally abusive wife?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

The classic definition of “Emotional Abuse” points to behavior that makes another person feel stress, anxiety, sadness, and the like. If your wife is emotionally abusive, the only thing you can really do is suggest couples’ counseling and at least work on yourself. Many abusers refuse couples counseling because they do not want to change, and they are afraid the counselor will call them out on their bad behavior. it is unlikely you alone will be able to save the relationship; unless you can talk her into coming to marital counseling sessions to deal with her behavior. If she is able to acknowledge the problem, and can take the steps the therapist recommends to change her behavior, then it may be worth a try. Never try to talk to them about their behavior when they are already escalated, other than asking them to stop.

GRIFFIN Answered:

Talk to her about her words and actions. If you can communicate what she is doing to you, and she will listen, then you can solve the problem together.

Pacothetaco Answered:

Explain to your wife that the words she uses hurts you and work together to create healthy boundaries.

Honeymoon Answered:

Do not tolerate repeated offenses, set boundaries, make it very clear that although you love your partner you have to insist on a change to save the marriage and get help by a professional.

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