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The domestic violence facts scare me. What should I do?

The domestic violence facts scare me. What should I do?

4 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Although domestic violence is very real and prevalent problem, not all spouses are abusive. The only way to prevent domestic violence is be sure you know your partner well before marriage; get to know their family and background history, and do a little research of your own if necessary. You should seriously reconsider marriage if your partner displays the following features: *Extreme moodiness or quick temper *relies on you for emotional stability, or is always needing to talk about feeling slighted by you, unloved, or tells you that you aren’t doing enough Has controlling or obsessive tendencies Has ever hit you, or threatened to hurt you physically Patterns of extremes, like bringing you gifts shortly after threatening you or after a major outburst He checks up on you Extreme or inappropriate jealousy; accuses you of cheating He hurts animals or did as a child Drinks to excess or does recreational drugs and has any of these features

Gabriel Answered:

If you are ever afraid that your partner will harm you physically, seek help form a domestic violence organization or the police and remove yourself from the relationship immediately.

Grayson Answered:

Be careful to avoid relationships with people who are quick to anger and display violent behaviors. Make sure you really know a person's character before moving forward with them in a relationship. Observe them in different situations - around their family, aroudn their friends, in crowds, in difficult situations, etc. Observe them when they are angry and not how they handle their anger.

Pacothetaco Answered:

Move slowly in relationships. Be sure to truly know the person before you move in together. Also, get to know that person's friends. If they do not seem like good people, it's probably a good idea to reevaluate.

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