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Are prevaling domestic violence statistics true?

Are prevaling domestic violence statistics true?

4 Answers

Jeremiah Answered:

Prevailing domestic violence statistics are, unfortunately, true. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence is a trusted source, also the American Bar Association also keeps statistical data on their website for legal purposes. There are many other sources out there and most of the statistics you read are true, since it is a widely studied subject. The statistics can be shocking, though, for example; 25% of women report having been raped or physically assaulted by a partner, compared with 1.7 % of men reporting the same ( Remember however, that there are flaws in data. Lots of men are also victims of domestic violence but they are severely underrepresented by the data due to cultural biases.

Adeline Answered:

The statistics on domestic violence are likely true for what is reported. It's likely that most domestic violence goes unrecorded.

Michael Answered:

Yes - they are true, and possibly unreported. It is important to NEVER commit yourself to someone who shows signs of violence. Do not be too afraid or too ashamed to find help.

Matthew Answered:

It is likely that domestic violence is underreported, as many victims are too afraid or ashamed to report their abuse. Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with abuse that is harmful to women in our society. Women should never be ashamed to report their abuse and have their abuser convicted.

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