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What is psychological abuse? What are its signs?

What is psychological abuse? What are its signs?

4 Answers

Charlotte Answered:

Psychological abuse can be defined as any pattern of behavior, by a romantic partner, that causes their spouse to feel anxiety, depression, trauma, or weakness. It can also be defined as behavior that manipulates, controls, coerces, or otherwise damages their partner, seeks to damage them, hurts them, corrupts them, or puts them at risk. Psychological abuse can take on many forms. Be wary if your partner: * moves very quickly in the relationship – is ready to get married or move in together after a few weeks or months of meeting *Embarrasses, makes jokes about you, or puts you down *Is charming and kind in public or around others, but different when you are alone. *Dominates you, or your behavior. Tries to control you *Is overly rough or controlling when you are intimate; insists on sexual practices you don’t want to perform *Constantly calls you when you’re not with him *Is extremely moody, hits, throws, or slams things. *Withdraws affection *gets upset with you over minor details or for no real reason. *Isolates you from friends and family, either physically - by moving you away, or emotionally - by driving them away. You may feel like you are doing something wrong, can’t seem to please your partner, you don’t know why you feel this way, or think you should be happier. All of these are also signs that an abuser has asserted power over you. Then signs are often subtle or gradual and can be difficult to detect at first. You may feel like it’s your fault or you may find yourself making excuses for him. All of these are signs that it’s time to get help. Do it for yourself.

ELLISRE Answered:

Psychological abuse is what occurs when one person in a relationship is cruel or purposefully antagonistic toward another. This can manifest in many ways, but the end result is some sort of emotional trauma for the abused person. The most common signs of psychological abuse are seeing someone who is normally outgoing become very withdrawn, and obvious fear of making a mistake when the other person is around.

OWENS5 Answered:

This sort of abuse is also called "emotional" or "mental" abuse, and it what occurs when someone purposefully exposes someone else to something that might cause mental injury. Some signs of psychological abuse are things like threatening to physically abuse someone, creating rules that are unreasonable and have strict and painful consequences, insulting them or their appearance, and threatening suicide if they do not comply with your desires.

Pacothetaco Answered:

Psychological abuse occurs when false information is presented to make a person doubt his or her own memory or sanity. Some examples include being hypercritical, constantly making jokes at your expense, guilt trips, or isolating you from friends and family.

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