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What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?

Answers (13)

pacothetaco said on
The Bible indicates that marriage is a spiritual, binding connection between a man and a woman.
DAVIS3 said on
The Bible records marriage in Genesis itself saying that the woman is "now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh" for which she is called woman as she is taken out of man. This talks about the level of intimacy man and woman share in marriage. They are never meant to be alone but as one.
MARTINEZ said on
The Bible says that Eve was a helper who surrounds, protects, helps and aids the man in everything that he does. Eve was created as another half of Adam, a companion to be with and it even warns saying that they are no longer two but one and thus man must not separate what God has put together.
GARCIA said on
The Bible asks wives to submit to the husbands like how the church submits to Christ and Husbands should love wives like how Christ loves the Church for which Christ gave His life on the cross. That's so profound.
MILLER said on
The Bible is against divorce and adultery in a marriage. Both of these things are highly frowned upon and anyone found guilty in the past were punished which proves that adultery and divorce is not acccepted.
Oliver said on
Marriage is meant to be a picture of Jesus Christ and his love and pursuit of the church - the husband metaphorically fills the role of Christ in his pursuit of his wife, and the wife metaphorically fills the role of the church in her commitment to her husband.
Gabriel said on
Marriage as a picture of Christ and the church is a flawed metaphor as humans are flawed, but it points us to the greater reality that Jesus will never leave his church and even gave himself up for the church (his people - Christians) on the cross, just like husbands are to serve their wives and give themselves up for them.
Jeremiah said on
There is some controversy around the definition of marriage in the bible, as it is not clearly defined within the scriptures.  There
are three commonly held beliefs around the definition according to interpretations of scripture:

1.Marriage is consummated during intercourse; that the physical intimacy consummates the partnership, and the couple is then married in the eyes of God.

2.Legality – the couple’s marriage is official when made legal by their governing authority.

3.The couple is married in the eyes of God after carrying out a formal wedding ceremony.

The bible is clear that Marriage is a “divinely established and holy covenant” – a covenant is a contract, or promise.

Scriptures in the bible also clearly state that in marriage, we honor earthly governments.  Putting these together, it would appear that early Christians understood marriage to not only be a physical, emotional process, but also, a Moral and legal obligation.

Wedding ceremonies are referenced quite frequently in the bible; and though no specific directions or definitions are given, the ceremonies’ purpose is to enter marriage in the way that honors God’s covenant, submitting to God’s laws first,  and then to the laws of the land (government), and just as important, is public display of these intentions through the holy commitment that is made, which is the ceremony.  Although the details are ultimately between the couple and God, the ceremony appears to merely symbolizethe couple’s agreement to embrace God’s will, and follow his path in establishing their union.  With this in mind, a Christian couple can ultimately put on any type of large or small ceremony that they wish to, without compromising any part of their faith.
PEREZ54 said on
The Bible offers a lot of relationship advice, and some of its teachings on love are the most often used in wedding ceremonies. Corinthians I Chapter 13, verses 4 – 8 have often been quoted as the most salient passage about love ever written. It’s known as the “love is patient / love is kind” passage. John I Chapter 3 verse 18 says that we should show our love through actions. “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” And of course Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as ourselves.
VannessaSharma said on
Marriage happens early in Bible as well. If you check Genesis, Adam calls even his bone and flesh and hence the name "woman" who is "from man". This shows the intimacy of marriage and the level of oneness the Father expects of you.
TieshaKahan said on
Eve is portrayed as the best helper for Adam who is with Adam all the time, protecting him and being of best help and aids Adam in pretty much everything. You need to also understand that Eve was part Adam. This means that Eve can never be left alone. God put together something and commanded them not to grow apart.
SharenThroneberry said on
Husbands should love their wives like how Christ loves the church. Christ was so affectionate on the Church that he laid down his life for the Church. In return, wives must submit to husbands and this means respect and authority. This does not mean inequality by the way.
JoettaPerlman said on
The Bible is pretty forthright about marriage. God hates divorce and it is obvious. Divorce and adultery is something God really does not tolerate. People in the Old testament were punished severely because of this and even though Jesus changes this with the prostitute's example, he is not promoting it. No divorce or adultery inside marriage!
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