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What are the signs of emotional abuse in a marriage?

What are the signs of emotional abuse in a marriage?

4 Answers

Liliana Answered:

Emotional abuse can include name calling, mood swings, placing undue blame, and even extreme jealousy.

Marriage_com Answered:

If you feel like you are “walking on eggshells” around your partner, if he becomes moody or has a quick temper, or if he puts you down, these are red flags that you should worry about. If you are being emotionally abused, you might feel depressed and not know why. You may feel like his behavior has changed, as he is suddenly very moody or possessive. Some of the more subtle behaviors that occur early on in the relationship may seem harmless, but they are also signals. Be wary of a partner that moves too quickly in the relationship (for example, he wants to move in together after just two months), if he tells you what to do, does not support you in your career or personal goals, if he dismisses your ideas in lieu of his own, is disrespectful, gets upset over minor details, doesn’t put you first, seems suspicious or always wants to know your location, if he calls you often when you’re not together (like three times in an hour just to check on you), or has a quick temper.

Grayson Answered:

If your spouse brings up past issues to intentionally hurt and manipulate you, you may be experiencing emotional abuse. If you feel trapped in your marriage and that there is no way things will ever get better, or if your spouse says things along those lines, it is emotional abuse.

William Answered:

If your spouse twists situations to place blame on you, they may need to seek counseling. Manipulation is harmful to any relationship and is a red flag. If your spouse makes you feel worthless, sad, or uncared for, you could be experiencing emotional abuse.

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