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How to stop financial abuse in my marriage?

How to stop financial abuse in my marriage?

4 Answers

Sharon24 Answered:

When it comes to money, then it can be used as a weapon in controlling one's partner. If any form of financial abuse is not controlled at an early stage then it can lead to other wrongful activities, like fraud, theft and even selling personal belongings. So, all you need to do is beware of all family asset's, don't sign any documents without reading. It is therefore very important to know how to avoid financial problems in marriage.

Marriage_com Answered:

Financial abuse occurs when there is a major disparity in finances; most typically, if one spouse seems to have control over most or all of the resources that are to be shared. It can occur if one party is dishonest about family finances, prevents a spouse from accessing resources, or one spouse is misappropriating funds through excessive spending, gambling, or hiding money to prevent the other from accessing it. Financial abuse is the sign of a larger problem and it can be serious. If financial abuse is occurring, family therapy may be in order to re-establish healthy habits. If you are the victim of financial abuse and your partner is not coming to terms with a reasonable solution, this is a problem that can lead to other kinds of abuse later on, and you should consider getting help or getting out.

Alexander Answered:

Attend a finance management class to better understand wise ways to save, invest, and spend your money throughout your marriage.

Making a budget for each month that both parties can stick to may help with financial abuse. Also, keeping separate bank accounts may limit the amount of excess spending a person does.

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