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What are the secrets to a happy marriage?

Answers (14)

freezingcoldinsummer said on
The secrets to a happy marriage are simple: be honest, loving, and don't go to bed angry. All relationships encounter issues, but if a couple agrees to pursue all matters with love and honesty, then it is possible to work through any obstacle. said on
The secrets to a loving marriage can be summated in one word. RESPECT! Learning how to respect a partner’s joy, vision, view point, and growing edges serve a married couple well when trouble arises. Respect does not imply that you agree with your partner at all times and in all places. Respect means you have the ability to empathize with your partner, that is, to hear, appreciate, and rearticulate his or her position on a given issue or opportunity.
NELSON said on
There is research that proves that if you touch your partner more often in a day, it keeps your marriage stronger. This is because of the hormore oxytocin which gets released during touches from the significant one.
NGUYEN said on
Address problems when they begin to arise whether it is in the bed or it is about an argument. Talk about it and fix it. Never let it go out of hand as it piles up and comes out as a huge fight.
LOPEZ5 said on
Conflicts will happen in a happy marriage and it will always be a constructive conflict where both of them talk about the issue and share their dislikes and come to a conclusion on fixing the problem. This creates a warm feeling towards each other.
GARCIA said on
A happy marriage is where there is hectic work, pestering children, annoying boss, tiring fitness routine and an annoying neighbor the husband and wife take the time off to love each other and spend time with each other to show each other how much they love them.
NELSON said on
Accept your spouse the way he/she is. Marriage is the confluence of two people who have different idealogies, perspectives, theories, moral values, sexualities and many others. You cannot possibly agree on everything and hence understand and accept your spouse for who he/she is and this will give long-lasting results and keep the marriage happy.
COLE45 said on
Always remember that you are supposed to support and build each other up. If you realize that you are speaking negatively about your spouse to others, apologize to your spouse and tell them what is bothering you.
Sienna34 said on
The secrets to a long happy marriage include:
1.      Daily self-care for both partners.
2.      Dealing with conflict in a healthy, productive way.
3.      Trusting your spouse and earning their trust.
4.      Continuing to fan the spark of romance by doing fun things with your partner.
5.      Affirming his or hervision for life.
VannessaSharma said on
You are two different people who can never agree on something. Accept this fact and live with this. If you can muster this and understand, this is a big win for you. You can accept your spouse the way he/she is and get on with life happily.
TieshaKahan said on
Marriage can be kept exciting when you start to fix problems before it could become one. Stop and rewing your life and look into small misunderstandings and start to fix them. These are the minor signs that eventually lead to a big fight in the future. Fix it and you have a great marraige.
SharenThroneberry said on
You cannot find one married couple who have never disagreed or fought. Fights, paradoxically increases the love as they get to understand the other. The best way to make it useful is to use that medium to understand each other and come to a conclusion of fixing the problem instead of making it worse. Talk about it and fix it and keep the relationship aromatic and romantic.
JoettaPerlman said on
If a joyful married life had to be put in laconic words it is annoying children, busy work life, irritating neighbors and occasional mishaps. Best way to get over this is to take some time out and spend time with each other just enjoying your company and thanking the good times you have had and cherishing to make more. Show love to each other and this helps.
Denzel said on
If there is just one secret to a happy marriage, it’s commitment.  Happy marriages are also based on a deep and abiding trust, as well as a firm foundation of respect for each other.  Many would say that being of the same religion, culture, or value system is necessary for a happy marriage, but some happy marriages do get on without these similarities.  The bottom line is, as long as both parties are committed to working on their relationship struggles, and they are willing to put that promise into action when behavioral change is in order, the marriage will be successful, and both people will be happy in the long run.
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