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Can you give me some advice for a happy marriage?

Answers (17)

sunshine said on
Of course you will not always be in heaven but when you treat each other respectfully, like real friends and never stop believing in the realtionship you will enjoy many happy moments with your partner.
MommasGirl1 said on
Treat your spouse with the same love and persistance as when you were courting each other.  Sometimes, marriage causes us to fall into routines and take small things for granted. Date your spouse! said on
The best advice I can give for a happy marriage is this: Enjoy the partnership but do not compromise your personal identity. Said another way, two form a marriage union, but the two are not extinguished. Continue to embrace your personal goals in marriage, recognizing that the vision of the individual can inform and strengthen the marital relationship. Any partner that desires a diminished “you” in the marriage, is not a partner you want to yoke yourself to “until death do you part.” Similarly, encourage your partner to express and nurture his or her expressions of individuality, too.
TAYLOR said on
There is research that proves that if you touch your partner more often in a day, it keeps your marriage stronger. This is because of the hormore oxytocin which gets released during touches from the significant one.
You do not have to get a diamond ring to make her happy but a small note saying how much you love her will be more than enough to make her feel special. This holds true for women as well where instead of a 40 course meal, give him his favorite video game and let him play for 2 hours and cuddle him after that.
FLORES said on
Are you ready to agree to disagree? You have differences and nobody in this world can agree on everything that the other person says. Understand that and be ready to accept difference in opinions.
PETERSON said on
Men, please understand that women want you to listen. It is immaterial if they are wrong or right, please try not to solve the problem but just listen to the problem and that will do a lot of help to keep the marriage strong. Women want to be listened by you!
Elijah said on
Understand that your marriage goes through seasons, and sometimes you will be giving more than you take - and vice versa. Be willing to support your spouse through difficult times, knowing that one day you will need their support during a difficult time of your own.
Andrew said on
As you seek to manage expectations for your marriage, remember that your spouse is a flawed human being that is sure to make mistakes. Be ready to forgive, and realize your need for grace and forgiveness as well. This makes your marriage a healthy place for good, productive conflict.
BAKER4 said on
Make time for each other. Always seek small moments that can reconnect the two of you.
VannessaSharma said on
If you want your partner to be close to you, you need to touch him/her more often. Touch increases intimacy between you two and also secrets love hormones that help you bond with each other. Besides, spreading love, this has science backing it up.
TieshaKahan said on
Be willing to accept the fact that you are different and so is he/she. If there is something where common grounds are not met, let it go then. You are together to love and be great friends together in the walk of life not to argue and win over debates!
SharenThroneberry said on
Small gestures make a lot of difference. Yes! A vacation to the Bahamas would greatly enrich the relationship but do not wait 4 years for that to happen. A kiss while she is cooking would do the job. Be each others' best friend. It helps fulfilling their desires.
JoettaPerlman said on
The best thing a man can do to his wife is to listen to her. Stop trying to solve the problem as that is not the thing they are looking for. Just listen to her, cuddle her and make her understand that you are there for her. This boosts her confidence and she understands that you respect her.
Jus4fun said on
Love,respect,understanding,constant hugging and kissing.. If you love somone you should be put  treated like a Queen. That should never stop no matter how long you been married. Ive been there. But all that stopped. He can barly look at me. When he does something wrong he never says Im sorry. So I hope you are in a happy marriage. Dont ever let your marriage feel like your living with a room mate.
Graves420 said on
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Allsinglesandmarried said on
The happiness of your Marriage I will say is in your hand. We all know that communication is one of the back bone of Marriage. Make sure that your communication with your spouse will in no way have issues. Through communication your can feel the verbal emotions of your spouse towards you. Sex on it's own is also important in marriage, sex brings two souls together. Sex create bond between two loving couples too. Following this SEVEN KEYS to happy marriage, You will enjoy your marriage to the fullest.
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