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What makes a marriage successful?

Answers (13)

honeymoon said on
Maintaining the special closeness and nourishing it so it can florish every day!
freezingcoldinsummer said on
Putting the relationship before anything can make it successful. Each partner should continue to love and respect the other as they did in the beginning. said on
A successful marriage hopes all things, believes all things, and endures all things. What does this mean? Healthy marriages do not have to be perfect marriages, but they should be built upon a partnership that suffers the tough stuff while celebrating the joyous times.

The strain of married life can be burdensome. When illness, transition, or grief strike, one or both partners may not have the emotional and/or physical endurance to press-on through the malaise. If partners express a willingness to bear one another’s heaviness, some hardship can be mitigated.
HILL45 said on
Just because you are married does not mean that you are bound to only the two of you. Letting the other person go with their friends and you also taking some time alone and spending with friends is a good way to express a healthy marriage life.
HOWARD said on
Having a healthy lifestyle is a good way to keep the marriage happening. People who are unhealthy have a bad sex life, derive less pleasure from sex, lose interest in sex and have more conflicts because of bad mood swings. A healthy body translates into a healthy relationship as well.
PETERSON said on
If you want a marriage to be less frustrating and more happy inducing, stop letting social media take the better of you. Chatting with a friend who never really cares for you in the first place is not going to help you in anyway. Spend that time with your special one to make them feel special. Divorce rates are 2% higher for places where social media is used.
said on
A successful marriage includes constructive conflicts where the couple fight, take time out and understand the root cause of the problem, share dislikes and likes and come to a solution thus becoming more intimate for a quickie in the bed.
Being willing to work with your spouse to achieve a marriage that is happy for both of you.
COLEMAN said on
Communication. If you don't talk about your problems and your good times, you will lose track of each other.
VannessaSharma said on
Marriage can be encouraging if you stop refraining from being social. Being together in married life does not mean confinement and this should be understood by both. Let the other person go with friends and have fun. This is a good way to understand a healthy married life.
TieshaKahan said on
Marriage is the art of living together happily. FItness is much a part of it. Follow a healthy lifestyle in marriage and you will stay happy together, have a better sex life as well. Being fit increases pleasure in sex. It keeps you vigorous and keeps you out of a bad mood. Healthy body translates into a healthy mind which results in good relationship. Period!
SharenThroneberry said on
Marriage can be better if you can spend more time with each other than you spend with your smartphones with the social media. Have a friend who really cares? Well, it is stepping in the way of your relationship and this is bad. Spend time and make them feel special! With social media, divorce rates are only increasing and certain apps have made it 40% more easier to cheat on spouses.
JoettaPerlman said on
Marriage is great when people fight. Why? Because this acts as a medium to vent out dislikes and frustrations. This helps them constructively look from solutions to problems they never knew existed. This could even become such a great solved conflict that ends in the bed.
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