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What makes a good marriage?

Answers (13)

honeymoon said on
Feeling close to the other person and to know that you can always rely on your partner
freezingcoldinsummer said on
A good marriage is based in love and trust. And lots of laughter. said on
Good marriages always have a bit of levity. Loving partners are able to bring laughter and encouragement into the bond. Sharing stories about work, children, childhood memories, and goofy situations are among the myriad ways to bring smiles to faces and warmth into souls.

Make sure your partnership has some levity. Go to a funny movie. Play in the rain. Surprise your partner with an unexpected gift. Tell a joke even if it is a cheesy one. Often the unsung contributions to the marital partnership create the most goodwill. Ah, lest I forget, be spontaneous! Spontaneity is the cousin of levity.
CLARK54 said on
There is no problem or complex in who is making more money be it the lady or the man. These days women earn more than men by a significant amount so this should not affect the man at all. This is a good sign.
EDWARDS said on
The couple have at least one common hobby that they share and love doing. This can be a 30 minutes workout, some sort of sport, leisure like swimming, trekking or racing. The act does not matter but togetherness does.
BAKER4 said on
A good marriage is one which is responsible where the couples find the best possible ways to split chores and do it responsibily. This helps in keeping reciprocation in place and nobody feels used.
HARRIS said on
You touch each other everyday and have sex quite often as well. Sex is regular even if you are not so eager. This tells how intimacy matters to you and the science behind it keeps you knit together. This is a good sign of a happy marriage.
ROGERS said on
There is no single magic solution that will make your marriage a good marriage, but the best thing you can do, especially at first, is to listen. Encourage your spouse to tell you anything that is bothering them.
HOWARD said on
Physical affection is always helpful. Don't just focus on just sexual touches, but also kisses on the cheek and forehead, hugs, back rubs.
VannessaSharma said on
It really isn't a problem who makes more money in the house as this changes by profession these days. Men are mostly affected by this and this should be not the case. If your man is not worried about this fact or at least ready to give that feeling up, then this is a good marriage.
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