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What is the secret recipe for a happy marriage?

Answers (15)

sunshine said on
Always keep in mind the first time you were together, the first words, the first kiss, the day you first met. Treat this feeling like a treasure and don´t let anything, not even your own thoughts destroy that gift you have in your heart. If you do so it is unlikely that you treat your partner badly and as your partner will notices that he will treat in a kind way, too.
MommasGirl1 said on
The secrets to a happy marriage are simple: be honest, loving, and don't go to bed angry. All relationships encounter issues, but if a couple agrees to pursue all matters with love and honesty, then it is possible to work through any obstacle. said on
While we all wish for a secret recipe for marriage, there is none. Instead, married couples should observe healthy marriages and observe what seems to work for these partnership success stories. If the partner’s parents have enjoyed loving and long-term marriages, it may be helpful to ask the successful couples, “What’s the secret of your marriage’s success?”

As stated elsewhere, RESPECT is a component of all healthy, actualized partnerships. I suppose if there is a must-have in the marriage recipe, RESPECT is the key ingredient.

Learn the secrets to a happy marriage and apply them to your life.
YOUNG5 said on
Transparency is an important part in a marriage. It is best to avoid having secrets between each other. Communicate likes and dislikes and get to know each other more. Always have time to surprise each other and give them love shocks to keep things interesting.
WHITE43 said on
Actions are louder than words. While reaffirming that you love them really matters a lot, doing something often will be a great thing to do. This could be as simple as buying a rose. They will understand that you are thinking about them and you value them enough to go out of the way to do something that expresses care and love
PEREZ4 said on
The secret to a happy marriage is exercising love. Love is a responsibility and an exercise. We always need to practice it by expressing the love to one another and taking the effort to let the other one know that they are special and valued. This will keep the relationship warm.
WRIGHT said on
While going through tough times in a marriage which is bound to happen, never give into the temptation of having an affair. It might seem harmless but will affect the family including children adversely. Respect your partner and understand that you are in a relationship that involves honesty and commitment.
Jayden said on
Grace. You must have grace for one another in your failures and mistakes. You can never learn, grow, or take risks together if you are not creating space to forgive one another and allow each other to mess up.
Nicholas said on
Forgiveness - you must be willing to forgive one another and move on from issues. Billy Graham's wife once said, "A good marriage is made of two great forgivers." You cannot expect your spouse to be perfect, and you cannot abuse them with your words when the mess up. Love them by giving them another chance to get things right when they mess up. Don't be petty.
CAMPBELL said on
Treat your spouse with the same love and persistance as when you were courting each other.  Sometimes, marriage causes us to fall into routines and take small things for granted. Date your spouse!
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