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What are the rules for a happy marriage?

Answers (10)

freezingcoldinsummer said on
There is no specific set of rules, but honesty and good communication are definitely keys to making it work. said on
While there are no “must follow” rules in marriage, there are some general guidelines for insuring happiness.

1.      When angry at your partner, articulate the issues that upset you instead of assassinating your partner’s character.

2.      RESPECT your partner’s feelings at all time. While you do not have to agree with their viewpoint, itis vital to empathetically  listen to what your partner has to say.

3.      Commit your marriage to date night. As often as it is feasible, step away from the daily grind and enjoy a night on the town with your beloved.

4.      Give your partner space to explore his/her vocation, spirituality, hobbies, etc.
SANCHEZ said on
Have rituals. Simple things that you would do out of the way to keep him/her happy and feel special. This could be as simple as giving a cup of coffee or making dinner on Sunday nights. Make sure it is there.
NELSON said on
If one of you is bad at communicating, it is no excuse to tolerate it. Practice talking with the other person and if possible get help on the same and exercise expressing feelings and emotions including things you like and things you don’t.
PETERSON said on
Always make time to have sex with your spouse. This is very important for a marriage to be successful. Sex releases hormones that help increase intimacy and trust. This is an important thing in marriage. If work comes in the way, set a time to have sex and follow it.
STEWART said on
Respect one another. As time goes, romance might take a back seat but respect need not. Both of you might have different values and learning to respect them is very important. You both are different in many ways and this proves that you need to acknowledge that.
SamRausch said on
There should be rites and rituals in your married life. This does not mean making prayers for 2 hours. Simple gestures that you do regularly that encourage love and affection means a lot in a marriage. Playing around before you could sleep regularly keeps you happy and regularly makes things interesting  for you. A simple cup of coffee too helps.
ChariseCrouch said on
If you are sensitive and reserved, it is time for you to change dramatically. Start talking and start telling things you do not like and wish. Express yourself as this is vital to keep a relationship in good standing. This includes your dislikes as well.
MerylLark said on
A happy married couple is mostly in bed than anywhere else. This is because they understand that it makes them intimate and sex is important at all phases of life. Sex is a wonderful thing and sex is also divine according to the Bible. So, there you have it, a reason to get into the bed often. Plan if you are busy and make sure to have sex.
CleotildeGummer said on
Nothing makes your spouse feel special than respect that you give him/her. Yes romance does fade away as time goes but you learn to respect her and that romance might just step back in at times. Understand that you are different and respect each other all the more for it.
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