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What should I do to have a happy marriage?

Answers (12)

freezingcoldinsummer said on
Talk about everything with your spouse. If the communication lines are open, there will be fewer issues. said on
Seeking a fairytale quality in a marriage will leave partners feeling exhausted and ultimately unhappy. A marriage is based on reality and never on fairy tales. When you have a marriage that is based on reality, you know that pain, loss, and sadness are mixed with joy, success, and good health. Not all days are the same.

Remember, that even the strongest marriages will have imperfections and go through their share of ups and downs. Honor the imperfections; they will always be there, learn from them and grow with them. With this attitude, you will always be happy and content in your marriage.
TAYLOR said on
To make sure that marriage is happy and exciting, start building trust with your spouse. There is no replacement for trust and this will increase the intimacy between you and your spouse significantly.
WRIGHT said on
Spend Time: Some say that love is spelled TIME. This holds very true and spending time with each other shows that you care and love the other person to give all the time that you have for them. This makes them feel very special.
GREEN4 said on
Be selfless: Love is always about being selfless. If you can put his/her happiness over yours you will always have a marriage that will be special and warm.
WILSON said on
Sexual intimacy is very important in a marriage. If work is getting in the way, set a specific time when you both are not tired to make love. This boosts intimacy levels like nothing else because of the bodily hormones gushing out in love and joy.
Kemp34 said on
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Kendrell said on
Both spouses should consider their partner's needs before their own. This doesn't work if one spouse is selfish and the other is selfless - this causes an imbalance of one partner constantly giving and the other constantly taking. A marriage is likely to be healthy if both partners are willing to sacrifice their desires to please their spouse.
SamRausch said on
Begin your happy married life with a little trust over your spouse. There is not an alternative and also a great intimacy builder like trust. This is very important in marriage.
ChariseCrouch said on
Spend time together. This is almost obvious isn't it? Showing that you care is a very important part of your life and you need to be doing this constantly with marriage life. Make them feel special.
MerylLark said on
Keep her/his happiness before yours and this tells a lot to the other person. This keeps marital life warm and memorable always. Be selfless in love and it quite reiterates itself rather well.
CleotildeGummer said on
One of the most important things in a marriage is sexual intimacy and finding time to make love as this boosts intimacy greatly. You actually become one when you make love with your spouse. Never stop this.
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