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How can I have a happy marriage?

How can I have a happy marriage?

13 Answers

CleotildeGummer Answered:

If you thought holding hands was cliche or boring, Think again! A girl feels secure, special and this makes her feel so close with you. This is biological as thousands of nerve endings come here and this means it is a big bonus for you.

MerylLark Answered:

Intimacy is greatly boosted by sex. Have sex as often as you can and make sure the other is ok with it. Sex should be enjoyable as it bonds you. It knits you together and releases hormones that will keep you sticking together.

ChariseCrouch Answered:

There is not a marriage without problems and even in a happy married life, problems will occur. Try not to overdo the past problems in the present problems as this makes things worse. Fix the current problem and talk it over and finish things.

SamRausch Answered:

The best way to have a happy marriage is to understand that there will be conflicts caused by differences. You need to decide whether to live with it or not before marriage and hence stick to the decision. This will keep it happy and practical.

CHAVEZ Answered:

You can have a happy marriage by putting in hard work to make it that way. By committing to love, honor, and respect your spouse, and following through on that commitment, the marriage will stay right on course.

Hiltonr Answered:

When your spouse is interested in something or asks you to join them in something, make a habit of saying "yes" - this builds your friendship and companionship, which is the foundation of a happy marriage.

Johnson Answered:

The first rule of a happy marriage is marrying a spouse that you respect. Your partner's beauty and charm will fade, but a person of integrity and character will strengthen over time.


Hold the hands of your partner. It means more to her than anything else. There are thousands of nerve endings in the hand and that de-stresses her and makes her feel closer to you than anything else. This is very important.

THOMAS4 Answered:

Have sex and as much as possible. This is not to mean that you will have sex even if the other does not like it. Make sure sex is enjoyable. Sex always keeps you together as it releases hormones that will pump up intimacy.

TAYLOR Answered:

Conflicts occur and it happens quite often in a happy marriage. During such testing times, try not to bring the old conflicts and mix them up. That only stirs up a bigger fight. Solve it and be in the present and move on.

ANDERSON Answered:

Understand that your partner has differences and decide whether you can live with them or not. You cannot change it so see if you can live with it. That will keep the marriage a happy one.

Marriage_com Answered:

The biggest key to a happy marriage is being happy with oneself. If you suffer from depression, low self-esteem, grief, and the like, the angst will sully your view of marriage. Take steps to improve your self-esteem if a physician or counselor believe it is languishing. Practicing forgiveness is also a key to a happy marriage. Partners make mistakes. Often! Being able to acknowledge the mistakes, remedy them, and forgive the offender will help nurture the love that’s vital to the marriage. Also, sharing some common ground with a partner – a goal, a hobby, a core value – will continue to breathe levity and joy into the bond.

Panimani Answered:

A happy marriage is created by your willingness to fully commit yourself to your relationship and to take the responsibility.

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