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Can you give some advice for christian marriages?

Answers (12) said on
Christian marriages, like all marriages, are healthiest when partners communicate with one another and practice respect. That said, Christian marriages are further strengthened by using biblical texts as guiding texts for the partnered life. Christian marriages should be infused with prayer, shared bible study, worship attendance, and Christian service. When yoked to other Christian partners, Christian married folks enjoy a unique camaraderie with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Christian partners should also seek spiritual counseling and attend marriage encounters as they are able.
GARCIA said on
Any marriage that puts God first will be a successful one. A family that prays together, stays together is a saying that most are familiar with. Always pray as a family to knit it together.
Be regular to the Church. The Bible says always to have fellowship with the Church. Taking a decision as couples to be regular to go to Churches on Sunday is an important thing in a Christian marriage.
WILSON said on
God united man and woman to compliment each other and to be as one flesh. This holds a lot of significance and hence make decisions as a couple always and never have differences. Even if you do, sort them out and come out with one decision that will be supported by prayers.
MARTINEZ said on
Raise your children in Godly manner. Take a vow to bring your children in Godly ways and God's blessing will stay in the house to keep it together. This is a commitment that every Christian family must take for a spiritual life.
Holmes said on
Prioritize praying and studying the Bible together, and thoughtfully discuss how you can love God and love others well as a couple.
Joshua54 said on
Commit yourself to a strong Christian community that will encourage you to honor and serve Christ with your marriage and the way you treat one another.
ELLISRE said on
Do couple bible studies.  There are many devotionals available that help with building that connection.
SamRausch said on
A family that will sit together and pray is the one that is going to live closer longer and stronger. Praying in the family should be mandatory and something that is loved as well. Put God first and everything will be in place.
ChariseCrouch said on
Christian living stresses on the importance of attending church. As a couple, you need to strive to be together. Take decision as a couple to make sure you will do this without fail.
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