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What does God say about marriage?

Answers (12)

freezingcoldinsummer said on
God encourages unselfish concern, sacrificial love, and honesty. said on
The God described in the Judeo-Christian tradition sees marriage as a union between man and women marked by fidelity, charity, and love. Drawing from Genesis, John, 1 Corinthians, and other passages, the Judeo-Christian biblical texts speak of marriage as having a sacramental character, wherein the union is ordained and blessed by grace. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the exchange of marital vows is a community event. Interestingly, New Testament texts sometimes speak of the Christian Church as the “bride of Christ.” Marriage, as intended by God, is self-giving and enriched by procreation.
BROWNE said on
Marriage is a way God says that it is not good for man to be alone. It is an institution of God that cannot be broken.
JONES4 said on
The Bible describes marriage as oneness among two individuals much like how Christ is connected with the Church as one.
MILLER said on
The Bible clearly encourages equality in a marriage and how holy a marriage is. Once the marriage is sealed, it cannot be broken.
DAVIS3 said on
Marriage is the union of two individuals who become one. It is a holy union and must not be separated by man. The married couple are to be good companions for each other in times of trouble, joy, sorrow and all phases of life without complaining.
Jeremy said on
God says that marriage is a lifelong, manogamous covenant between one man and one woman, and that marriage is a symbol of Christ and his love for the church.
Heath32 said on
God says that husbands and wives must consider their spouse above themselves, and give themselves to their spouse physically and emotionally in a way that honors God and their spouse.
SamRausch said on
God tells clearly that man must not be alone and that it is His work of bonding called as a marriage today. He also says that it shouldn't be broken.
ChariseCrouch said on
Becoming one is something Bible preaches. How Christ is intermingled with the church, so are two people mingled together as one in marriage.
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