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Is my marriage in trouble? How do I know?

Is my marriage in trouble? How do I know?

12 Answers

CleotildeGummer Answered:

Loss of frequency in sex shows lack of intimacy between you two. This maybe because of loss of sex drive for any one of you. Yet, this causes problems that you do not want. Lesser sex might hurt the other person with a higher sex drive. Try to sort it out if this exists.

MerylLark Answered:

I once heard that love is spelled T.I.M.E! If this reduces, love reduces and this means serious problem. Your spouse is finding something else better than spending time with you which is a rather alarming sign for destruction.

ChariseCrouch Answered:

Fighting about something continually? This means trouble and also is quite frustrating. This also tells that your relationship is in trouble.

SamRausch Answered:

If you are going around thinking, Well, I deserve a better person or she needs to go to someone else to understand my worth! then your marriage is in trouble. It also yells trouble if you want to have an affair. There is a gaping hole in the marriage that needs to be fixed right away. Talk about this right away and avoid procrastinating.

Harrington Answered:

Do you feel seen and heard by your spouse, or do you feel like you are alone? If you feel alone, you need to evaluate the health of your marriage.

Jarrell Answered:

Are you spending time together in thoughtful conversation, working through issues together? If not, you may need to evaluate the health of your marriage.

ROGERS Answered:

If you have little or no sex, it shows the loss of intimacy. This can be because of lesser sex drive for one and more for another. Notwithstanding, this creates problems as lesser sex will hurt and depress the person with more sex drive. This needs to be fixed quicker.

COOK76 Answered:

If the time you both spend together is drastically reducing by the day, it is a sign that you are not wanting to spend time as you used to. This is a clear sign that something is going wrong.

RIVERA Answered:

You are fighting about something over and over again. This creates frustration and tells that the relationship is in jeopardy.

MURPHY Answered:

Your marriage is in serious trouble if you are pondering on having an affair with someone. This tells that there is something lacking in a relationship that you want more. You need to talk about this to your partner and find out what it is and fix it.

Marriage_com Answered:

If you are asking the question your marriage is probably already in rough shape. That said, partners in a floundering marriage often do not have the insight to recognize the relational trouble until the situation becomes quite caustic. A neutral party – ideally a therapist or clergyperson – can visit with the couple and help probe the relationship’s health. Further, if other couples and friends who are close to the couple begin asking questions about the relationship’s health, one may assume that there may be some trouble. Listen to friends and family when they voice concern, and be willing to take proactive steps to address the marital trouble.

Your marriage might be in trouble if you feel a disconnect between you and your spouse. If you have falled out of sync, it's time to reevaluate.

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